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Birthdate:Nov 15
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Website:Larry's Pretty Good LiveJournal
This journal echoes the Word of the Day I post on my office whiteboard. The ideal pretty good word is one you know you've seen but aren't sure quite what it means. However, I am an intermittent poet and thus word-drunk, and like a lexical magpie betimes cannot resist the delightful sesquipedalian and absurd abstrusity. Suggestions in any category welcome in the comments.

I use the Merriam-Webster, Wordsmith, Wordnik, Wiktionary, WordSpy's, Dr Goodword's,, and OneLook Words of the Day on a regular basis. Others sites I visit less frequently (because of interest or ghosting) are the Vocab Vitamin, Double-Tongued, and TravLang WOTDs. Further tidbits are gathered from these weird, wordcrafty, nifty, rare, difficult, logorrheatic, and grandiloquent words.

The major dictionary sites are, of course, and OneLook— many of the others are either subsumed unto these or behind paywalls. This Online Etymological Dictionary is also useful.

My favorite words are quaquaversal and petrichor. I'm co-moderator of and the regular Thursday poster at 1word1day, and my main journal is lnhammer.

Interests (54):

adjectives, adverbs, affixes, archaisms, argot, cant, conjunctions, connotations, denotations, dialects, diction, dictionaries,, diminutives, etymology, favorite words, gerunds, idiolects, infinitives, infixes, interjections, jargon, lexemes, lexicography, lexicons, lexidiems, lingo, linguaphilia, morphemes, neologisms, nouns, obscure words, particles, patois, phrasal infixes, polysyllabic words, portmanteau words, prefixes, prepositions, pronouns, sesquipedalians, signifiers, slang, suffixes, thesauri, verbiage, verbs, veribvores, vernaculars, vocabulary, word of the day, words, words of the day, words words words
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